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Musical Clown Show

Jazz atmospheres, a Clown convinced that he is the reincarnation of Miles Davis.

A comic concert that alternates physical comedy, juggling with the hat, comic magic and out of tune vituosismi!

In 7 min version for the stage

In street session version of variable duration


Wonderfoul expirience and big success at the international Festival for mime und Clown Mimame in Medellin Colombia.

Big success last week in Lenzburg ( switzerland )


June was great .

one other exellent Asfaltart edition.

I schake the hand to the Italian prasident Mattarella.

I made schows in Luzern, Bern, Basel , Kostanz, Brunico ,  Merano  and at the casinò  Innsbruck.

Ps: July, Agoust, September…. still have a lot of free dates.

The Carnival week beginns !