Who i am

Clown Pantomime Performer Events Street Artist Merano

Multifaceted artist with experience twenty years in show business.

Jordi Beltramo, born in Cuneo in 1977 from Italian father and French mother, his name is Catalonian and his children are South Tyrolers!!

From Here comes Jordi character who works mainly with his instinct, using the techniques of the clown, mime and improvisation to bring his audience into being a part of his follies as his poetry!

Over the years he has given life to different characters / performance, passing from living statues to mime, the clown, theater, dance, performing from St. Petersburg to Dubai, in the most famous street theater festival, in middle Europe as squares on theater stages, with several apperances on the small screen, adapting to the most varied situations and always enjoying great success.

A native of the Piedmont region of Italy and traveller of the world by choice since 2004 lives in Merano in South Tyrol, where for six years he was also a clown doctor association “Medicus Comicus”. He is also working on several projects on the comedy and body expression, the open stage organization and events linked to street theater, in collaboration with Claudia Bellasi care of the artistic direction of asfaltart International Street Theater Festival.

From 2016 to 2019 is the FNAS adviser (national street arts federation).

What i do

Street Theater

My First & Big Love! The Street Theater has been Jordi’s favorite stage due to the endless possibilities, spontaneity, and freedom it offers


Short and long term internships that have influenced the artistic development of Jordi

Some of the most significant festivals and manifestations that I’ve worked for

  •  Asfaltart
  • Circo Pic Nic  Semirurali  Bolzano
  • il mare nel cassetto Marano Vicentino  VI
  • Girovagarte
  • Bamberg Zaubert DE
  • Street Music Festival Targu Murec Romania
  • Festival des artiste de rue de Vevey  (CH)
  • Krapoldi Innsbruck A
  • .my way biciclettata teatrale Bergamo
  • am der arche um 8  theater in der altstadt Meran
  • Foresta Natalizia Forst 

Some of the more important businesses I have worked for



Thank you!

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For the translations: Mark The Straniero & Chrissi